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Take the test:
How “e” are you?

The era of electric mobility is just beginning. Find out how up-to-date you are with our not-so-serious test.

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  • Question 1

    Which instrument appeals to you the most?

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    • selfassessment_frage1_img2_72
    • selfassessment_frage1_img3_72
  • Question 2

    What do you like best about driving a car?

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    • selfassessment_frage2_img2_72
    • selfassessment_frage2_img3_72
  • Question 3

    A huge traffic jam in the morning, you arrive late at work.

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    • selfassessment_frage3_img2_72
    • selfassessment_frage3_img2_72
  • Question 4

    Do you have a name for your car?

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    • selfassessment_frage4_img2_72
    • selfassessment_frage4_img3_72
  • Question 5

    How many kilometres do you drive every day?

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    • selfassessment_frage5_img3_72
  • Question 6

    Do you know what “recuperation” is?

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    • selfassessment_frage6_img2_72
    • selfassessment_frage6_img3_72
  • Question 7

    They have just raised prices at the petrol station again…

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    • selfassessment_frage7_img2_72
    • selfassessment_frage7_img3_72
  • Result


    Congratulations. You are as “e” as you can be. But you always were a trendsetter, weren’t you? Make a date to test drive an e-up! ASAP. What, you already drive an e-up!? No wonder...


    Go with the flow

    OK you are a bit old school, but in a good way. You don’t jump on the bandwagon before waiting patiently on the sidelines to see where it is heading. But don’t kid yourself. You know that sooner or later you will be driving an electric car. So go with the flow for a change. This is where it is heading.


    You have some issues with charging!

    You have not thought a lot about electric vehicles. After all, your life seems fully charged already. But perhaps the right partner would make life a bit easier. A partner who knows your every desire. Give it a try. This way to a test drive.