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e-Up!, white, still

Small car, big load
The e-load up!2

If you need an everyday delivery van which slots into the
nearest parking space and doesn’t take a chunk out of your
monthly budget, then the e-load up! from Volkswagen
is your ideal vehicle.

Deliveries and small urban journeys often take a matter of moments. Whether it’s an important document that needs to be with its recipient in a few hours, or a pizza that’s got to be hot when it reaches your hungry customers, it’s the perfect challenge for the e-load up!, the ultra-compact electric van from Volkswagen.

Plenty of room for your goods

Small is surprisingly big in the e-load up!: from the tailgate to the steel mesh partition there’s up to one cubic meter of cargo space available. For everyday use, the wide, flat cargo floor has four lashing eyes, side panel cladding and a full partition made of robust steel mesh. The maximum load of the e-load up! is 360 kg, at a total vehicle weight of 1.5 tons.

The e-load up! houses up to 1 m³ of cargo. And that’s a lot: nearly 400 mid-size pizza boxes.

e-Up!, blue, back view, still, e-Up, interior, driver's seat



The spacesaver.

The interior of the e-load up! makes for some impressive facts: you can pack up to 360 kg on the robust truck bed – enough room to spare for even challenging eventualities.

The e-load up! lightens your monthly budget: Over 100 km, the price per kWh is just 24 cents, or 2.61 euros total.

A delivery van can save you money each month in more than one way. Every cent you can cut from your operating costs frees up your bank balance. So it’s a good job that when it comes to fuel economy, the e-load up! really delivers the goods. With a fuel consumption of 11.7 kWh per 100 km (in a single NEDC), it’s the most efficient vehicle in its class.

A break for your monthly budget

Over 100 km, the price per kWh is just 24 cents, or 2.61 euros total. Maintenance costs are lower, too. Electric vehicles don’t need oil changes. And all this without any compromise on speed: from the first rev there’s 60 kW (80 hp) maximum output available and a torque of 210 N m. Powered by its high-voltage battery, the e-load up! can reach 130 km/h and cover up to 160 km.

The e-load up!

The e-load up! is available from your local Volkswagen dealership. Access further information about the e-load up! and offers on other Volkswagen commercial vehicles at

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