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Fit for the family. The new Passat GTE6

Lots of space, low consumption and a huge range: Volkswagen’s latest plug-in hybrid is the perfect family car that is also more environment-friendly. 

Experience shows that families looking for a new car are chiefly concerned about the size of the passenger compartment, comfort, and safety.

The new Passat GTE now brings another attraction to the mix; a good conscience. The plug-in hybrid is the right choice for anyone who is thinking about future generations but wants to save money now. It can be driven for up to 50 km without emitting any local emissions. The electric motoris just the thing for shopping or picking up the kids. The battery can be charged in 4,25 hours, and right at home in the garage. Plug it in at night, and in the morning the Passat GTE is fully charged and ready to go.

Weekend trips or vacations? No problem. The Passat GTE can also cover the same long distances you tackle with any other family vehicle, thanks to the internal combustion motor that is also part of the hybrid technology.



The Passat GTE is fully charged in 4,25 h


Plenty of Space for Luggage

The large volumes of luggage and other gear that are part of every family vacation are no problem for the Passat GTT, especially the Variant model. Just about everything you need for a terrific holiday can be stored in the generous trunk. And if more space is required, a roof box is available for 340 or 460 liters additional carrying capacity. Bicycles can be safely transported on an optional bike rack, too. There is also an optional G2-3 Isofit children’s seat for youngsters between the age of three and 12 (15-36 kilos).

Convenience and safety

Backseat passengers can easily use their tablet computers to help pass the time on longer trips, thanks to a special attachment on the back of the front seats. The system makes using tablets safer and more convenient for passengers than ever before. And speaking of safety; assistance systems in the Passat GTE, including Multi Collision Brake and Front Assist monitoring, provide additional protection for everyone on board.