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Two engines, one fascination: the Passat GTE6

Combining the efficiency of an electric engine with the power of a combustion engine, the Passat GTE makes the perfect companion for almost every occasion.

Passat GTE Saloon und Estate, silver, still, City-center

Saloon or Estate: the Passat GTE is available in two models. Both have the signature GTE front end with its c-shaped LED daytime running lights and distinctive chrome grill.

Passat GTE Limousine, Silber, fahrend, Innenstadt

The Plug-In Hybrid combines the advantages of a conventional engine with the strengths of an e-motor.

Passat GTE , Silber, stehend, Leichtmetall-Räder

Shine on: Volkswagen customers can choose from seven different light-alloy wheels. This is the 18-inch light-alloy “Dartford” wheel.

Passat GTE, Silber, stehend, ladend

The electric engine recharges in around 4 hours and 15 minutes with a standard charging cable. Choose the Wallbox and you need just 2 hrs and 30 minutes for a complete recharge.

Estate and Saloon – the new Passat GTE6

Cutting-edge design with the signature GTE front end and blue trim: the new Passat GTE is the flagship of a fleet of efficient vehicles from Volkswagen.

Passat GTE, Innenansicht, weiß

The perfect interplay of two engines
The Passat GTE6 at a glance

Strong performance, efficient consumption: the Passat GTE engines.

All the benefits of a Plug-In Hybrid drive system come together in the Passat GTE6: both the Saloon and Estate models are powered by a highly innovative, 85 kW electric engine and a 1.4 TSI 115 kW (156 hp) petrol engine with turbo-charged direct injection. The purely electric drive system lets you drive locally emissions-free in urban areas and on expressways at up to 130 km/h for a range of 50 km. In the hybrid and GTE modes, higher speeds are no problem.


160 kW (218 PS)


400 Nm

Passat GTE weiß, fahrend


7,4 seconds

TOP SPEED IN GTE MODE: 225 km/h.225 km/h


1030 km

Two engines, one fascination 

The hybrid drive enables the Passat GTE6 to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.5 seconds. You can drive the Passat GTE for weeks on electric power alone. If you want more speed, use the boost button to combine the force of both engines and squeeze every last bit of performance out of the car. The drive profile switches to “sport” and the steering and suspension adapt progressively.


Reliable and long-lasting: 
The Passat GTE battery

Loss of battery capacity? Not with the Passat GTE’s6 extremely long-lasting high voltage battery. Volkswagen offers an eight-year warranty or 160,000 km warranty – whichever comes first.



Recharging made easy 

Utterly easy and extremely flexible: you can charge the Passat GTE6 by connecting it to a home power socket with a standard charging cable for 2.3 kw AC power. An empty battery will be fully recharged in 4 hours and 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can cut the charge time to 2 hours and 30 minutes with the optional Wallbox.


Economical and highly efficient 

The Passat GTE6 scores an impressively low fuel economy through the combination of an efficient combustion engine and an emissions-free electric drive. The advanced Plug-In Hybrid guarantees a sporty and dynamic driving experience and a clear conscience. Over 100 km, the Passat GTE consumes just 1.6 liters of petrol and 12.2 kWh of electricity (NEDC). Per kilometer, it emits just 37 grams of CO2.





37 g CO2/km


Clever connectivity

Car-Net e-Remote 

Have I locked the doors and turned off the parking lights? How much energy is left in my battery? These are the kinds of questions you can now answer on a smart phone linked to your car. If you wish, you can also access the Car-Net e-Remote functions on a web portal.

Car-Net Guide & Inform 

It is easy to plan everyday trips with the help of the Car-Net Guide & Inform program e.g. in your new Passat GTE6. Choose the optimal route by analyzing a variety of online traffic data, at any time. You want to know where the next gas station is? Car-Net Guide & Inform provides you the information whenever you need it. With the Passat GTE it also tells you where to find the next charging station.

Volkswagen Car-Net

Control vehicle functions with your smartphone: the Volkswagen Net-e-Remote app allows you to access various features of your new Passat GTE.

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1,114 kilometers . . .

without a single stop: with the new Passat GTE you can drive right across Germany without refuelling or recharging once. 


10 seconds . . .

for a perfect espresso. With the new Passat GTE you don’t even need to undo your seatbelt – the optional 12-volt in-car espresso machine means your coffee shop travels with you. 


4 hours 15 minutes . . .

the time it takes to fully recharge the Passat GTE’s high-voltage battery from empty at a household socket. If you use the optional Wallbox, it takes just 2 hours 30 minutes.


225 km/h . . . 

that’s the top road speed the GTE hits with the power of two engines. At the touch of a button you can switch between the fuel efficient and sporty modes – and get every last bit of performance out of the car with the "GTE"-button.


9 colors . . .

to pick from when you choose a colour scheme for your new Passat GTE. Colors like Harvard Blue and Tungsten Silver not only give your vehicle a metallic finish, they also provide reliable protection from rust and corrosion over the car’s entire service life.


Powerful, comfortable and above all sustainable: there are many reasons to choose the new Passat GTE6. Here are the most compelling Smart Facts.

Frontansicht Passat GTE, weiß, in den Bergen

Stylish and electrifying

The Passat GTE6 is a long-distance car and zero-emissions vehicle in one: you can drive up to 50 km completely locally emissions-free with the electric engine, and more than 1,000 km in hybrid mode. It’s the perfect companion for almost all occasions.


Passat GTE, stehend, Interieur, Cockpit

A dashboard full of useful features: The Active Info display gives you information like vehicle status and battery level. Many functions can be controlled conveniently using the steering wheel.

Passat GTE, stehend, Interieur, Fahrerraum

Pure sophistication and understated elegance: the interior of the new Passat Saloon GTE and Passat Estate GTE shines with ambient lighting and aluminum-look optics.

GTE, stehend, Interieur, Button Passat GTE

Full power from two engines: if you need to go fast, you can use the GTE buttons to combine the output from the combustion and electric engines and reach a top road speed of 225 km/h.

Passat GTE, Interieur, Navigationssystem

The Discover Pro radio navigation system not only finds you the fastest or the shortest route to your destination, but also supplies you with music at the best sound quality. The built-in Wi-Fi gives you speedy access to the internet.

The interior fittings for the new Passat GTE.6

Elegance, efficiency and high quality: what you’ll find in the Passat Saloon GTE and Passat Estate GTE interiors.