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How to create a sustainable impression

The new Passat GTE6 comes with some real added value for the business community, particularly for customers who are already thinking about electrifying their fleets.

Huge amounts of storage space, unbeatable fuel economy, plus a sharp design make this plug-in hybrid the perfect vehicle for business people on the go.

The Passat GTE’s hybrid motor turns your fleet parking lot into a fuel station, too. Imagine, you would have your own filling station at your fleet parking lot. In the evening your employees would park the company vehicles there, and in the morning they are ready to go on a full charge.
The Passat GTE is a great way to modernize any business fleet. It merges the dependability you’d expect from any Volkswagen with pioneering hybrid technology, a roomy passenger compartment, and a dynamic look. It’s remarkably economical to maintain, too.
But it is the Passat GTE’s sustainability credentials that truly set it apart. You can drive it for up to 50 km on pure electric power, creating no local emissions on the trip. When the internal combustion side of the hybrid motor kicks in, you can cruise for over 1,000 km without refueling. A special wall box charging unit is available for installation in your fleet yard that slashes normal recharging time by nearly half to only two and half hours.
For drivers being frequently on the road and need fuel or a charge, Volkswagen has an easy solution. It is called the Charge & Fuel Card, the payment card offered by Volkswagen Leasing GmbH. All charges, including things like maintenance expenses, are then billed to you by Volkswagen on a monthly basis.

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Advantages for frequent drivers

A wide range of optional features are available for the new Passat GTE. They make it particularly attractive for business people who drive a lot. Electronic assistance systems support the driver on long highway trips or by just navigating through crowded cities.Volkswagen’s unique Head Up Display system makes it possible to monitor things like speed and GPS directions while keeping your eyes on the road. The data projected on the windscreen is easy to read, even in direct sunlight.
Driving in cities is safer than ever thanks to Volkswagen’s Front Assist monitoring system, which includes a special emergency braking function and passenger recognition. It detects obstacles in the road and warns drivers of the danger. If the driver does not react, the system brings the vehicle to halt automatically.
And parking is actually a pleasure with the Passat GTE. Simply put the car in reverse and it automatically backs into your chosen spot. All you have to do is to step on the gas or tap the brakes. The Passat GTE even can detect tiredness, and remind the person behind the wheel to take a break.

One feature that is standard on all plug-in-hybrid Passat GTEs is the peace of mind that comes with being at the forefront of the e-mobility revolution. This model will have the highest fuel efficiency rating in your fleet. You will be leaving a sustainable impression with your customers too, when they see they are doing business with a partner who is investing in reducing harmful greenhouse emissions.

Leasing for fleet customers.
A good deal for your own e-fleet.

Volkswagen is doing its share to help boost the number of low-emission vehicles in company fleets. We are now offering corporate customers, independent business people, and public institutions special leasing and financing deals and volume discounts to promote sustainability in their fleets. Let us work with you personally to find the best way to upgrade your fleet into the 21st century, and leave a sustainable impression with your clients at the same time.

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