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Supremely innovative. The new Passat GTE6

Volkswagen combines the best of two worlds in the new Passat GTE, bringing together the power of both an electric and a combustion engine.

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Volkswagen: Simply Electric

The time has come for the mobility of the future. Volkswagen e-cars2 have the perfect solution for every need. Experience the pioneering technology that’s already on the road.

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Technology for the Mobility of the Future

Volkswagen aims to be the number one for e-mobility. Maximum reliability and compelling technology are given top priority.

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Reliable Companions: Volkswagen e-cars

Electric cars mean more to Volkswagen than selling cars. Volkswagen offers customers a complete service and a driving experience tailored to fit their day-to-day life.1,2,3,4

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Recharge Instead of Refuelling: A new kind of mobility.

Volkswagen e-cars are perfectly suited for short city journeys. Filling up is a thing of the past: the cars can be recharged with minimal fuss at one of your home electrical sockets.

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The All-Round Stress-Free Package

e-mobility means more to Volkswagen than electric cars. That’s why we offer a high-performance service package that integrates 100% with our customer’s daily needs – and makes the e-car the perfect companion.2,3,4

The Little Big One

Quiet, compact and easy to drive: the e-up!2 is an e-car that delivers a level of quality and comfort that enhances the driving experience.

the e-up!

The All-Rounder

The latest technology in familiar clothing. The e-Golf3 operates on 100% electricity – that means zero local emissions. And this all-round talent doesn’t require any compromises in comfort or driving experience.

the e-Golf

The New Kind of Fast

Fun at the push of a button – and 0–100 km/h in just 7.6 seconds. The new Golf GTE4 combines the dynamics of a GTI5 with the sustainability of an e-Golf. Driving fun guaranteed.

the Golf GTE

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The Technology

This is how Volkswagen electric cars work: a mix of captivating technology and maximum reliability.

Our Ideas

The time has come for e-mobility. Volkswagen offers the first holistic solution.


Volkswagen offers a high-performance service package that makes the e-cars the perfect companion.

car, driving, city-centre

The Mobility of
the Future

Our planet will get warmer, fossil fuels dwindle, cities fill up. To face this, we’re rethinking mobility at Volkswagen.

e-Test, girl, check

How "e" are you?

The era of electric mobility is just beginning. Find out how up-to-date you are with our not-so-serious test.

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Behind the Scenes

The battery

Batteries are the powerhouse of every e-car. But how do they work, what are they made of, and what’s the current status of the technology?

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Your e-glossary

There are a lot of new words and phrases associated with the technology in an electric vehicle.

inside an electric vehicle, infographics

The visble car

It’s hard to tell the difference between a regular car and an electric vehicle from the outside. So let’s take a look under the hood.